The Best Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

The Best Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

Night splints are, obviously, splints or similar devices that are applied to your injured body part at night. The major purpose of this device is to prevent any further injuries  and pain.. Night splints are great for those recovering from plantar fasciitis, and there are  specially designed night splints available on the market to make sure that your foot stands straight.

The number of different varieties of night splints available is almost immeasurable. Choosing one among the hundreds of different brands is a much harder task than it needs to be. Some things to keep in mind are price, features and quality of material.

Here, we have a list of some of the best night splints for plantar fasciitis.

Dr. Kay’s Night Splint Brace for Plantar Fasciitis

Dr. Kay’s Night Splint is one of the best products in its category. It has been prepared with a lightweight, breathable shell and features a padded liner and straps for optimum comfort. The adjustable dorsiflexion maintains stretch while you’re in a sleeping position. This product is dual-footed and you do not have to worry about the durability of the product. It’s also reasonably priced considering the features, at around $20.


  • The two side straps with Velcro closure featured in the product controls the angle of your foot, which can be adjusted according to your liking. The center-release buckles make it easier to take Dr. Kay’s on and off
  • The item is comprised of a thin, lightweight molded plastic shell on the outside and luxuriously thick foam padding on the inside. Also, the liner is breathable, which prevents heat and moisture build-up
  • The rubberized bottom tread makes sure that your tendons stay relaxed and features non-skid sole


  • Not reading the instructions carefully will leave you with even sorer tendons in the morning. So, reading the instruction manual is a must
  • The feeling of having something attached to your foot will take some getting used to

Dr. Kay’s is the perfect item for those searching for night splints. This lightweight material can be used for either foot and it has been completely padded for optimum comfort. Having something tied to your feet while trying to sleep will take time to adjust to, though. But you will be glad to have used it when you feel better every morning.

Adjustable Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint with Wedge from Orthotronix

The product from Orthotronix is one of the best night splints available on the market. It has been padded for optimum comfort and the padded liner insert is removable and washable. The optional wedge featured in the item provides an additional 5 degrees of toe and foot pad flexion if needed. This classic splint can be worn at night and is great for the alleviation of plantar fasciitis. The price is reasonable and you will be amazed by how well it works.


  • It features a non-skid sole, which allows traction while standing
  • The dual tension straps featured in this night splint allow increased flexion and provideoptimum stretching of your ligaments
  • You will easily feel your feet getting better after just a couple of nights. Mornings won’t hurt as badly and you can have your foot properly rested with this device
  • The whole of this product is well-padded which can be removed and washed to maintain its freshness


  • The straps just won’t sit tight for long and will creep out of adjustment after a while, which will require you to re-adjust the strap from time to time
  • There have also been complaints about this splint being difficult to use on your right foot

The Orthotronix night splint is not like the most flimsy support available on the market. It’s an internationally-licensed reliable product that has been designed for comfort and proper support. Also, it is quite inexpensive, which makes it great value for money. Getting the right size might get tricky, as you might have to choose a size down from your original shoe size.

Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint from Innovation Sports

The night splint from Innovation Sports has been designed keep your feet injury-free during the night. Using this device will help you to alleviate pain in the arch and heel area. The lightweight shell is sturdy and breathable and has been designed for comfort.  You will feel the effects instantly as the product gently stretches your plantar fascia and Achilles tendon once you put it on. Just make sure that you adjust the straps properly.

It is available in three different colors – grey, blue and black, for around $15.


  • It features a slip-resistant tread at the bottom of the foot, but is not recommended for walking on
  • The product features user-friendly center-release buckles, which makes using this device remarkably simple
  • The outer shell is lightweight yet sturdy, and the inner body has been well-padded for optimum comfort


  • Make sure that the straps are neither too tight nor too loose, as having it too tight will cause further pain and a loose strap means you will be adjusting your straps all night

The plantar fasciitis night splint from Innovation Sports looks classy and feels comfortable. You will feel like you have recovered over night due to the tremendous decrease in pain thanks to its well-padded design. The slip resistant tread provides enough support and flexes your muscles. Getting the right size might be a concern if you don’t know what you need. Also, properly read the instructions in order to fit it perfectly.


All three products are of the same category and hold a similar price tag, with Dr. Kay’s being slightly more expensive. There are almost no  differences among the three products either..

However, to choose one among the three Dr. Kay’s is the best night splint here. The high-quality non-skid sole, comfortable padding and lightweight, breathable outer shell are just some of the many outstanding qualities of the product. The product beats the other two because of its easy-to-use straps and that you won’t feel the difference wearing it on either feet.

But the Orthotronix and Innovation Sports night splints are both fantastic and provide optimum support to your feet. You won’t be regretting purchasing either one. However, do make sure that pros outweigh the cons in your point of view, and the cons are something you can live  with.

All three night splints are great for those trying to recover from plantar fasciitis. They’re designed to gently stretch your plantar fascia as you sleep and properly flex your muscle tissue for overnight pain relief.

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