The Best Sneakers for Plantar Fasciitis

The Best Sneakers for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a serious medical condition that causes an intense amount of pain on the bottom of the foot. Those recovering from this disorder will need to be extra careful about the kind of shoes they wear and the activities they take part in.

Since complete bed rest might be impossible, those suffering from plantar fasciitis should take special care with the shoes they wear. Sneakers in general are highly cushioned so we’ve prepared a list of sneakers with the best insoles and overall comfort to help with your plantar fasciitis recovery.

The condition effects both genders equally, so we’ve included both men’s and women’s sneakers. The first two on the list are men’s sneakers and the last two products are women’s sneakers.

Vionic with Orthaheel Endurance

The Orthaheel endurance technology-featuring sneakers from Vionic are one of the best options for plantar fasciitis sufferers. The product is made from imported leather and each sole of the unit is man-made. They feature leather uppers and synthetic and mesh panels.

There is a wide variety of size options available, and you can also choose among six different colors before you place an order. The prices will vary according to size but start at about $55.


  • The biomechanical orthotic insole with deep heel cup has been featured to maximize support and realign the legs, improving posture and balance. The EVA midsole is lightweight and absorbs shock to protect your ankle, knees and feet. The outer sole is made of sturdy rubber
  • The Orthaheel Endurance helps decrease over-pronation and alleviate associated common pains


  • These sneakers are remarkable for plantar fasciitis; however, their durability is questionable and does not last that long seeing as they cost quite a sum compared to normal shoes

The major pros about these sneakers are their comfort and ease. These shoes are also quite trendy and don’t look like something that would be prescribed by a medical professional. They might be uncomfortable for the first few times but you will quickly adjust to them once you realize that these soles are stimulating pressure points and providing arch support.

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men’s Contest Active Lace Up

The men’s sneakers from Vionic have been constructed from synthetic materials. They’ve been designed for optimum comfort and to help you be relieved from all kinds of foot pains, to provide ankle support and also to improve posture. They feature removable double-density EVA insoles and a rubber outsole. They’re available in all men sizes, and you can also choose among 4 different colors to suit your liking from about $45.


  • The product features a lightweight mesh upper with man-made overlays for breathability and comfort
  • Lightweight and supports your foot well. Also, the inner and outer sole work well to provide plenty of traction


  • Not as durable as it is comfortable. You might find the sole detaching from the bottom and the mesh lining on the front tearing after a while

Sufferers of plantar fasciitis who are looking for a pair of comfy sneakers will love these. They’re designed for support and comfort, and you will feel the effects taking place in no time. You should be aware that these are not heavy-duty sports shoes and are recommended not to be used while playing sports in order to prevent early tears and damage.

Orthaheel Women’s Venture Walker Leather Athletics

Among the long list of comfortable women’s sneakers, this one stands out as one of the very best in the category.  The Venture Walkers feature lightweight durable mesh and man-made overlays to promote comfort and breathability. They look sporty and stylish so you don’t have to worry about this product hampering your fashion!

There’s the option of 8 different colors from just around $42.


  • The removable EVA inner sole stimulates pressure points while providing arch support and comfort, and the double rubber outsole provides plenty of traction
  • These lightweight and breathable shoes don’t feel like an extra load and are great for anyone with issues like plantar fasciitis, bone spurs or any other foot pain


  • There have been complaints about not being able to find the right pair despite going through the sizing chart

This synthetic-made product is fantastic. These have been specifically designed for women and are available in variety of women’s sizes and colors. Make sure that you don’t try these out while running or playing heavy-duty sports, as there have been complaints about the material being quite flimsy. But being careful with them should be enough to maintain their durability.

Women’s Walking Shoes by Orthaheel

These leather shoes for women from Orthaheel have been designed for those with issues like plantar fasciitis or other foot pain. These women’s action Walking Shoes feature a man-made sole, EVA mid sole and a flexible rubber out sole. They also feature full-grain leather and mess upper, along with a polyester upper lining and sock liner. The prices will vary according to the sizes and you can also choose among three different colors before you order.


  • These shoes are great for plantar fasciitis as it provides much-needed support and relief from pain. Feel free to take walks and use them as normal shoes. However, keep in mind that these are not heavy-duty sneakers designed for sports
  • Features Orthaheel motion-controlling foot bed with contoured arch support and heel cup that realigns your stride
  • The leather upper is water resistant


  • These are quite heavy, and your already-affected legs might get quite tired

These leather women’s sneakers from Orthaheel are well-designed and provide good support. They’re comfortable and available in a variety of women’s sizes. However, these cannot be used for too much running or sports, as they aren’t that durable with heavy use. You will not regret buying this product if you use them gently, though.


Just one product cannot be chosen out of these four. This review features 2 men’s (1 leather and 1 synthetic) and 2 women’s sneakers (1 leather and 1 synthetic). It all comes down to your preference.

Check out the first two products on the list for men’s shoes, or the last two for women’s, and make sure that the one that you choose matches your requirements. You can go with either synthetic or leather, but I would suggest leather; leather sneakers are slightly heavier, but along with this weight comes extra rigidity and support. Just know what you are buying in order to save yourself from future regrets.

Don’t be repelled by the fact that these cannot be used for heavy-duty sports as you won’t be playing much sport if you’re trying to recover from plantar fasciitis anyway!

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